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Please Contact Us If You Have A Used Battery For Sale,

We Purchase Used Batteries

Rental Batteries & Chargers: We Offer A Wide Range Of Rental Batteries And Chargers.

  • Consider Rental Batteries During Peak Business Periods When Extended Days Are Required To Power Your Lift Equipment.
  • Rental Equipment May Offer Benefits When Capital Money Is Not Available.
  • Conley Will Deliver Equipment, Install And Hookup Equipment.
Re-Conditioned Batteries & Chargers: We Offer A Wide Range Of Reconditioned Batteries And Chargers.

  • Reconditioned Batteries And Chargers Are Thoroughly Tested Through Our Service Shop.
  • Our Company Has Extensive Knowledge And Testing Equipment To Assure Reconditioned Equipment Will Live Up To Expectations.
  • Reconditioned Batteries Are Load Tested, Acid Adjusted, Cleaned, Neutralized And Washed Prior To Delivery.
  • Reconditioned Equipment Is Covered Under The Conley D.C. Solutions Warranty Program.
  • Our Goal Is To Provide Quality Re-Conditioned Products.
Scrap Batteries & Recycling: We Offer Full Service Recycling Of Industrial Batteries

  • Conley D.C. Solutions Can Recycle Your Batteries.
  • An Official Letter Of Disposal Can Be Provided At Customer Request. The Letter Of Disposal Releases Your Company Of Liability.
  • We Work With East Penn Manufacturing (Deka). They Have An On-Site Government Approved Reclamation Facility.
  • Earth Friendly, East Penn Recycling Process Reclaims Approximately 99% Of Battery Components.
  • Recycling Process Includes Two Patents For Reclaiming Sulfuric Acid And Water From Battery Electrolyte.
  • Our Recycling Program Includes Travel To Customer Site, On-Site Battery Extraction, Transportation Of Battery To Recycling Plant.
Your Used Batteries Have Value To Us


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