Deka Premium Industrial Batteries

Manufactured By East Penn Manufacturing Co., Inc (Lyon Station, PA)
Privately Held For Over 60 Years, Since 1946.

Lets Take A Look At What Separates Deka Batteries From The Others:
East Penn Manufacturing Is The World’s Largest & Most Modern Single-Site Battery Manufacturing Facility.
Deka Batteries Carry The Lowest Warranty Claim Rate In The Industry.
250 Computer Checks  Are Conducted On Every Deka Battery.
Each Lead Battery Plate Is Individually Formed And Inspected Outside Of The Battery.
East Penn Manufacturing Is Committed To Environmental Protection, Clean & Pollution Free Environment.
East Penn Has An On-Site Lead Smelter.
Virtually All Battery Components Are Recycled Including Steel Trays, Plastic, Lead, And Even The Acid.
Exclusive Patents To The Battery Acid Reclamation.
Deka Batteries Have The Enviable Reputation Of Being The Best Batteries Money Can Buy.
Comprehensive Nationwide Sales And Service Network.

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Deka, D Series

The D Series battery is a durable and dependable product.  It is the most commonly purchased battery of all Deka batteries.  The D Series offers a 5 year or 1,500 cycle warranty. Reduce downtime and increase profits with this precision built battery.

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Deka, HydraSaver Series (Less Watering, Less Maintenance)

The HydraSaver series battery was designed to reduce battery watering intervals.  A standard wet cell battery should be watered approximately every 1-2 weeks. With the HydraSaver, battery watering intervals are extended to 9-10 weeks. Less maintenance, Bolt on positive and negative terminals, water level indicator, flip top lids.

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Deka, MaxPowr Series, Up To 10% More Amp Hour

High capacity performer for increased productivity. The MaxPowr battery delivers longer run times in the same footprint as the “D Series”.  Consider this battery when you need extended run times. Warehouse storage racks and aisle configurations may require a smaller battery size. MaxPowr batteries maximize the available power for any give forklift battery compartment.

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Deka, FastCharge Series

Deka FastCharge batteries are built to last longer under rigorous fast charge conditions. Fast charge and opportunity charge applications significantly change the battery environment.    Much higher levels of energy are put back into the battery at more frequent intervals. Heat is generated from the higher energy levels.  The Deka FastCharge battery is built for this environment.

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Fast Charge And Opportunity Chargers

The battery charger utilized in this type of application changes considerably from a conventional charger. There are a wide range of chargers available depending on the desired battery recharge rate.  These battery chargers have advanced controls to determine output rate, communications, heat and more.
Site surveys are available upon request.

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Deka, ChargeMate Series

The ChargeMate combines a battery and charger into one unit to eliminate the need for remote charging equipment.  The charger plugs into any 120 volt AC outlet.  It provides easy charging anywhere any time.  This battery and charger combination is most commonly used when lift equipment is mobilized and used with delivery trucks.  The combination pack also helps avoid electrical wiring costs.  This combination pack is recommended for batteries with amp hour capacities of 425ah or less.