Premium Ametek and ACT Battery Chargers

Battery Charger Impact On Operation:  Energy Bill, Battery Life Span, Forklift Run Time Per Day
Ask How We Can Maximize You Charger Effectiveness.

Conventional Battery Chargers
Ametek’s Battery-Mate Series Ferroresonant Chargers Set The Standard In Industrial Battery Charging.  They Are Available In Both Single & Three Phase Power.  It Is Designed To Meet All Industrial And Distribution Applications.  This Type Of Charging Technologies Is The Most Utilized Charging Technologies For Lead Acid Batteries.




High Frequency Battery Chargers
Energy Efficient, Green Technology

High Frequency Battery Chargers
Reduce The Energy Required To
Charge Industrial Batteries.
Lower Your Energy Bill And
Reduced Energy From Power Grid.


Opportunity And Fast Chargers

Opportunity And Fast Charge Systems
Recharge Industrial Batteries Quicker
Than Conventional Chargers.

Consider This Type Of Battery Charger
When You Need More Run Time Per Day.

Faster Recharge Times Provide More
Run Time Per Shift And More Cool Down
Time After Charge.

Opportunity And Fast Chargers Are Available Using High Frequency Technology.

Multi Amp And Multi-Voltage Chargers (One Charger For Multiple Batteries)

Consider the Multi Amp-Multi Voltage Series Of Chargers When You Are Looking For Flexibility In Charging.   A Single Charger May Eliminate The Need To Purchase Two Or More Chargers For The Same Work.
This Charger Will Enable You To Charge 24, 36 And 48 Volt Batteries With A Single Charger.  In Addition
You Will Be Able To Charge Batteries With Different Ampere Hour Capacities.
Available In Conventional, High Frequency and Opportunity Charge Technologies.

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